Don't Let Perfection Hinder Joy

High standards are good. Doing your best can help you feel fulfilled and successful. But there’s a difference between doing your best and aiming to be perfect. Perfectionism often leads to higher levels of burnout, stress, anxiety and depression. Perfectionists can be inflexible and critical. It’s also common that they procrastinate or have trouble finishing projects.

Replace the pressure of perfectionism with confidence in yourself, joy for the task,

and the satisfaction of completing a job well.

Do your best. Failure is not a weakness. Trust in your ability. You don’t have to do it perfectly. Do it often and learn each time. Have realistic expectations and be kind to yourself.

Name the purpose. Why are you doing the task? It’s probably not to be perfect. Whether you want to express yourself through art, plan an entertaining event, or create a spreadsheet that makes your job easier – focus on the joy of the purpose, not perfection.

Start now and finish on time. A job well done well is better than a job unfinished. Avoid overthinking. Start with small, manageable steps. Get energy from celebrating success along the way. Spend a reasonable amount of time completing tasks, then move on.

There are Healthier Goals Than Perfection

Perfectionism will set you up for failure and eventually eat away at your self-esteem. Doing a task well – and enjoying it – will lead to better results.

Healthy high standards motivate you to:

  • Strive for high but achievable standards.

  • Match your time and energy to the task.

  • Prioritize. Then spend more time on what’s important.

  • Reap payoffs that are greater than your time and energy costs.

Unhealthy perfectionism causes you to:

  • Repeatedly set goals you don’t achieve.

  • Constantly compete to be the best so you don’t feel like a failure.

  • Give in to the feeling that all mistakes are catastrophic.

  • Be inflexible – stuck on one approach.


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