Communication Strategy and Planning

Change Management & Behavior Change

Successful organizations know how to help their people thrive during change. We can help you achieve the results you want using communication solutions that connect with employees, align purpose with change, and improve your culture.

Before launching 981 Communications, I was a communication consultant for global management consulting firms and boutique creative agencies. I've worked with the best and I've been trained by the best. Here are a few of my professional certifications:

  • Organizational Communications from University of Chicago

  • Change Management from Prosci

  • Neuroscience of Learning from NeuroLeadership Institute

  • Behavior Design from BJ Fogg, Ph.D

Benefits, Wellness, & Total Rewards

We know a lot about benefits and well-being. You could say this is our bread and butter. And by pairing our HR program knowledge with behavior change methodologies, the neuroscience of learning, and visual storytelling, our approach can't be beat. 

Whether you're implementing a new program or you need an intranet article about heart health month, we've got you covered for open enrollment, wellness programs, retirement preparation, training, onboarding, or general employee engagement.

Planning &
Focus Groups

Building an organizational strategy without a plan for implementation is like building a road to nowhere. We will design a communication plan that systematically bridges your objectives to behavior change. Our custom implementation plans equip each stakeholder to adopt the change, understand the big picture outcomes, and perform their role in the success of the initiative.

And when you need to have a 2-way conversation with employees, we can help you run and report focus groups and surveys that extract the data that will drive the strategy and planning.

Employee Experience, Engagement, & 


It's not a secret that happy employees are more productive and loyal. We can help you connect with people, spark healthy behaviors, and build a positive workplace culture through brilliant communications. 


Employee Engagement has been the workforce buzzword for several years, but as society comes to terms with antiquated approaches to people management, inclusion is the action that now must rise to the top. We can help you communicate the training, programs, and behavior change necessary to move into this new era of enlightened leaders, supported managers, and included people.